About me

I was born in 1971 in Udine, in the north east of Italy. Passionate about photography since I was a child, intrigued by the magic of the dark room, where my father Alfredo developed his films and printed his shots. I began to dive with him in 1983 although the first CMAS diving certificate was obtained in 1992.
Over the years I became a CMAS diving instructor and also a diving instructor in TRIMIX.
The passion for photography and scuba diving soon led me first to the purchase of a fantastic Nikonos V where I started photographing underwater.
After attending an underwater photography course, I switched to the use of the SRL camera with the famous Nikon F-801s and Nikon F90x in housing made by the Swiss René Hugenschmidt who in 1953 founded the Hugyfot brand and then moved on to digital photography using the D200, the D300, the D800e up to the D850.
In 2009 I published a photo book titled “THE TWO FACES OF AN ADRIATIC PEARL” dedicated to the Dalmatian island of Vis.
For FIAS (the Italian Federation of Underwater Activities), I participated in the writing of the books “UNDERWATER DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY” used for Underwater photography courses and “TRIMIX MANUAL 62” for Trimix diving courses.
From 1983 I dived and photographed in Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Austria, Egypt, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Serbia and Atlantic Ocean.
Since 2006 I participated in competitions and contest of underwater photography of national and international circuits.
Among the many prizes and awards the most important was undoubtedly “Underwater Photographer of the Year 2019” in the Macro category at the “UPY” prestigious english contest.
I had the honor of being part of the “Club Azzurro” the Italian National Underwater Photography Team.
Recently I have been invited as a member of the jury in contests and underwater photography competitions, where with pride and passion in these years I have been trying to do my best.
I’m SNSI Underwater photography instructor trainer and I organize underwater photography courses up to instructor level on request.
I am proudly part of the “World Ambassador” for Italy of the Hugyfot brand that accompanied me on my dives for almost thirty years.
I am also testimonial of the “ONEuw” manufacturer of high quality underwater strobes, “TRT TURTLE strobe trigger” as well and part of the “tester team” of the Flex-arm Underwater Sistem.